The following are specifics for the Order's requirements if we are to merge with North. The terms are not modified specifically for/against North, if it is so I will be sure that is said

Article One

If we are to merge with North, we request our Sovereignity and Rights to be preserved just as they would if we were still a guild. When we are prepared to start again, North will receive thanks by means of gifts as soon as possible.

Article Two

We request you to enforce limitation of Nautilus members, so they cannot become valued leaders in North for reasons of Betrayal and Espionage on both sides and the fact that we can't really get into North's Affairs in that level.

Article Three

If North is attacked, Nautilus will defend North as if we were one of them. But we will not be able to participate in their own conquests in any way.

Article Four

We request that our enemies will not be allowed entry into North so long as we are in it. We have good reason to request this, they played no part in our demise but they would if they could.