In order to keep the wiki safe, I have yet another proposition

POTCO players is constantly disrupted with propoganda from the eitc/navy and those guys. I propose we make a rule that forbids all propoganda and lies, only bias and true pages should be alowed.

I also propose that the members of our wiki should be limited by means of governing. For things like admin promotions, I think that the current admins decide on nominees, and everyone votes on the nominees we have presented. When it's down to two candidates, the second set of votes begin.

For minor things, such as punishment and bans, I think that that responsibility should remain with the admins. The people have their opinions but all are different, thereby obstructing the process of justice. In my view, the responsibility of passing judgement and punishment belongs to the people who have earned it, people who have proved their loyalty and worth to the establishment, not the people who have much to learn and many trusts to gain.

I have great faith and hope for and with this wiki. I don't want it's fate to be ruined by people who don't have much experience, veterency and trust with, to and for our wiki.