As every wiki must have rules, these are the rules of this wiki.

Language RulesEdit


  • When writing a story, major curse words like douchebag and fuck are allowed twice a chapter.
  • Please don't curse alot.
  • Minor curse words are allowed.

Inappropriate ContentEdit

  • If you are going to have inappropriate content such as sex, you MUST make a warning at the top of the page, if you don't it will result in a 30 minute ban.
  • Please don't create TOO much inappropriate content.


  • No disrespectful comments. You get 3 strikes on this, the first ban will be 10 minutes, and it will increse 5 minutes every ban.
  • Please don't make unneeded comments. This will result in a 5 minute ban per comment.
  • If you have something bad to say, say it on someone's talk page.


  • You MAY talk about religion.

Respect RulesEdit

  • Do not disrespect admins, burs, and rollbacks, doing so will result in a 1 day ban. The number of days will increse as you get more bans.
  • Respect other users. Disrespecting other users will result in a 1 hour ban, the number of hours will increse every ban
  • If you ask for and Admin to be demoted you will get a 1 hour ban.

Banning RulesEdit

  • Disrespecting Admins Bans : 5 will result in a 6 month ban. 10 will result in a year ban. 15 will result in a 2 year ban.
  • Disrespecting Users Bans : 10 strikes will result in a 1 month ban. 20 strikes will result in a 6 month ban. 25 strikes will result in a 1 year ban.
  • You will get 3 strikes per ban.