The Invasion Sheild is a machine built by Jason Yelloweagle and manufactured by Yelloweagle Co. to prevent Jolly Roger from sending an invasion to an island. It was built on 7/26/1722, and for now is only set up on Yelloweagle's Paradise but can be sent to anybody who pays. Here is a picture of it.

Sheild 2

The Invasion Sheild generator is to be placed in the middle of the island

The Pirate SheildEdit

The Pirate sheild is another product invented and built by Jason Yelloweagle and manufactered by Yelloweagle Co. and was also made on 7/26/1722. It was made to prevent pirates (also anybody else that you don't want to come) from entering. When they enter it sends them right back to Tortuga. Here is a picture of it.
Thumbnail 2

The Pirate Sheild


20 pieces of gold

This is another great product of Yelloweagle Co.Edit

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