The XL Leviathan Gunship is a Heavy Arial Artilery vehicle designed by Bill Plunderbones and Daggerpaine Industries. It was officially used to help Lawrence Daggerpaine level up his cannon on the Black Pearl quest against the Goliath.

the gunship

Artilery EditEdit

It contains all the special weapons made at the industry

  • LGHT bullets 90 milimeters (unlimited supply)
  • 80 SCUD missiles
  • 60 SAM rockets
  • 50 DEC missiles
  • Auto Defense Cloaking Device
  • AutoDfense LGHT shells 100 milimeters
  • it has been outfitted with the SKYNET Computer DEFense system
  • LIGHT bombs

Power source EditEdit

It is powered by a XLIGHT coverter which can turn the air around it into fuel source and make it fly and work.

It also has been outffited with a Dimmenisonalizer and been tested to go on all terrain and even into the Realm

as well as been fitted with a time travel component so it can time travel

Name origin EditEdit

With The Darkness returning the Industry needed a gunship so they went into the future and stole a SIKORSKY MH-53 PAVE LOW helicopter and brought it here and modified it. The Gunship was of course named after The Great Leviathan and the XL was used in the XL Satellite cannon the two most powerful weapons Daggerpaine Industries has created. When Not in use the gunship is stored in a secret Airfield behind Cuba.