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  • I live in Someone's imagination o_o
  • I was born on September 27
  • My occupation is Gamer and Wiki Editor
  • I am a Skooma addict =D
  • Jack Pistol

    Wiki Cleanup

    August 8, 2011 by Jack Pistol

    Hello Guys

    I came on today and realized that the loss of Zeke and some of his pages was not the only issue, as it turns out we were all banned and had many of OUR pages (blogs as well) deleted. I'd like to thank Jason for unbanning me. Here are some of the issues:

    • We lost many pages
    • We lost many blogs (including some of my own that i now cant restore)
    • The wiki is quite inactive and many pages are messed up

    I have made several fixes and I know I didnt ask permission but I assure you they are necessary. Please refresh ur web browser so you can see the change in comment colors etc. They include:

    • I changed link colors to blue so links and links to deleted pages are not confused.
    • I deleted the admins page and all its redirects because we can instead u…

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  • Jack Pistol

    Wiki Clean-Up

    July 14, 2011 by Jack Pistol

    I think it's time to really get this wiki going so besides getting new members we need to get them to want to stay WITHOUT having to promote each one to admin.

    First of all we need to de-stub all the stubs. Will all the users please help in getting the stubs content and deleting spam and useless articles? It would obviosuly be easier for the creator to fix their stubs so maybe go through the pages you have made and see if they are stubs. If you dont know what a stub is it is an article that has very little content.

    To help go to the link then go through the pages and try add content (especially if its yours) or add a stub category if it is one.

    Special:ShortPages Note that this is a list of all the pages from shortest to longest, not all are …

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