I think it's time to really get this wiki going so besides getting new members we need to get them to want to stay WITHOUT having to promote each one to admin.


First of all we need to de-stub all the stubs. Will all the users please help in getting the stubs content and deleting spam and useless articles? It would obviosuly be easier for the creator to fix their stubs so maybe go through the pages you have made and see if they are stubs. If you dont know what a stub is it is an article that has very little content.

To help go to the link then go through the pages and try add content (especially if its yours) or add a stub category if it is one.

Special:ShortPages Note that this is a list of all the pages from shortest to longest, not all are stubs only the highest from a certain number, you be the judge!

Or you could type Category:Article stubs in the serach box for the wiki


We also need to add categories to uncategoriez pages. If you don't know how to create a category either ask me or someone on the wiki who knows to make you one OR to get us to expalin to you so that you can do it by yourself from there on.

To help go to the link below and go through all the pages and add necessary categories (please do not add categories that don't exist, you will know if they exist if they show up in the dropdwon menu).


Rule Suggestion

I've noticed in my latest attempt to categorize pages that many have random categories that really should not be there. So I think that from now on all categories must meet certain qualificatiosn before they are accepted.

  1. At least 5 currently existing pages can fall under that category (subject to change in the future).
  2. It must be approved by the admin of categories (subject to change based on if this becomes a problem).
  3. It may not be too similar or to another category.
  4. It may not be an unuseful category.

Please all vote on your thoughts

Should we put the above rule in to use?

The poll was created at 20:08 on July 15, 2011, and so far 2 people voted.


Jack Pistol of

The OrderPainico imperiale-1-of Nautillus

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