Hello Guys

I came on today and realized that the loss of Zeke and some of his pages was not the only issue, as it turns out we were all banned and had many of OUR pages (blogs as well) deleted. I'd like to thank Jason for unbanning me. Here are some of the issues:

  • We lost many pages
  • We lost many blogs (including some of my own that i now cant restore)
  • The wiki is quite inactive and many pages are messed up

I have made several fixes and I know I didnt ask permission but I assure you they are necessary. Please refresh ur web browser so you can see the change in comment colors etc. They include:

  • I changed link colors to blue so links and links to deleted pages are not confused.
  • I deleted the admins page and all its redirects because we can instead use the proper admins page: ~ Pirates Online Players Cafe ~ Wiki:Administrators
  • I changed the css for User:John Breasly since he is now an admin (tama if you are reading this could you please tell me if there any issues regarding copying with the css? You said something about that a while ago and if there are could you tell me what they are and what you would like me to do?)
  • I changed the admins list in the community corner.
    • Jason is now Admin of User Management (Zeke's old admin job)
    • Nicholas is now Admin of Spam and Vandalism Management
    • John has been added to the list but does not yet have a job, please reply in comments with suggestions.
    • I removed admin numbers becuase it is too confusing now that Zeke is gone and Keira is slightly inactive.

John please tell me what you would like your comment colors to be if you are not happy with the current colors.

I would also like to request that we ban Zeke, not because we are angry with him but for the protection of the wiki! I have demoted him on everything except bur.

Please comment with suggestions and any requests or queries.


Jack Pistol

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