Potco Players has had a history of.... Admin Issues... I think, that if we are to grow and expand we need to be sure that people like O'malley or Shadow don't get to become an admin in the Cafe. Here I have a list of people who we should not allow, if they join, a promotion to Rollback, Admin and/or Beurocrat

1. Matthew Omalley- became an Admin and trashed potcoplayers. It's only thanks to Crimson who backstabbed omalley and saved the Wiki that Potco Players still exist. That might not happen here.

2. Pearson "Carlos Clemente/Sanita" Wright- Tyrant, Ideals are horrible. Will trash this wiki and use it only for personal goals.

3. Any member of the Paradox- They will do Pearson's bidding if he tells them to do so.

4. Benjamin Macmorgan- A member of the Paradox, Ideals are horrible. Will extort this wiki and fill it with unnecessary pages, rules and will abuse admin powers once or twice.

5. All EITC members- Well.... you know the EITC

6. Ned Yellowbeard- Will extort this wiki for personal goals. Might even Trash it. Admin power abuse is inevitable.